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Understanding the connections

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Nadine Leonhardi, Manager Treasury, worked for three months in the Investor Relations department.

How did you like the Bubble Assignment in Investor Relations?

I got to know the Investor Relations department in all its facets – from researching facts and figures for the quarterly report and organizing meetings with investors to answering questions from analysts and investors on the phone. I was able to experience how the information provided by Treasury to Investor Relations is processed, for preparing quarterly reports for instance. My goal of getting to know another department was fully achieved.

What did you work on?

I helped with a wide variety of tasks. For example, I prepared and followed up on roadshows, answered inquiries, proofread texts for the quarterly report and observed current market developments. After all, economic and political developments can have an impact on the share prices of various sectors and companies.

Bubble Assignment at NORMA Group

During a Bubble Assignment, an employee works for one to three months at a site abroad. The aim is to strengthen cooperation and learn from each other.

It is also possible to have a Bubble Assignment at the same site to promote exchange between different departments. This enables employees to get to know each other and understand other areas of the company.

Learn more here about the Bubble Assignment of our colleague Shan Zhang from China, who worked for six months in the plant in Subotica, Serbia.


What surprised you the most?

I had already been in contact with Investor Relations before my Bubble Assignment. That meant several aspects weren’t entirely new to me. I was impressed by the detailed knowledge my colleagues had on the company, products, markets and so on. They need that knowledge to answer the in-depth questions investors and analysts have.

What will you take away with you?

It was interesting to see the connections and differences. Treasury mainly receives inquiries from banks that ask different questions on a particular issue than the investors and analysts who contact Investor Relations. I really enjoyed the Bubble Assignment. Getting to know another department in the same company is a great experience that I would recommend to any of my colleagues.

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