Esther Doeringer and Markus Bulgrin form the Social Media team at NORMA Group
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What Does The Social Media Team Actually Do?

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“Post more cat videos and we’ll get more Facebook likes!” Yes, we do get advice like that from employees. Cat videos do sound tempting, of course – but that’s not what we do. What do we do? Generate massive buzz and engagement, of course! Without click baiting or fan buying! With us so far?

We who are on the Social Media Team select exciting, diverse content every day. After all, an audience of around 55,000 fans and followers across all of our channels wants to be entertained. Boring topics and worn out stories are immediately recognized with disinterest. Finally, we meticulously measure performance across those channels.

The Social Media Team of NORMA Group

Esther Döringer and Markus Bulgrin form the Social Media team of NORMA Group. Together, they play on the official pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Xing, YouTube and the corporate blog.

If you want to get rid of suggestions, ideas, praise or criticism, you can send it to

How do we find entertaining content? By getting to know NORMA Group again every day, walking through the company with alert eyes and listening carefully to our colleagues. The really exciting stories are often buried in the details.

And we’ve been doing that for five years. That is, after all, pretty much exactly the point NORMA Group entered the hustle and bustle of social media. On April 22, 2013, at 9:30 in the morning, we launched the Facebook page, shortly followed by Twitter and LinkedIn.

A lot has happened since then – that’s why you’ll find below a selection of the best posts from the last five years. Don’t worry – no cat videos.

This is what it looked like, the first post on our Facebook page: From April 22, 2013, it announced a trade fair.

In those days, our posts looked... um, well... a little different.

Our trainee was one of the first in the series #NORMApeople in 2014. 100 employees have taken part to date.

We were even there for our current CEO Bernd Kleinhens when he immortalized himself on a wall at our site in Australia in 2014.

Yes, these costumes were really worn at NORMA Group! At the fantastic Halloween competition at our US plant in Michigan!

We released a very impressive video for the Chinese New Year in 2015. It showed a sand painter presenting NORMA Group’s highlights.

We have followed our colleague Karolina Olszanska’s handicrafts for many years. She regularly makes great creations from NORMA Group products.

In 2016, we proved to you in our little comic that clamps can also have a heart.

We have even recommended modern retro haircuts for engineers.

There was no way around this one, of course: we celebrated the 10th birthday of NORMA Group on November 6, 2016!

On Valentine’s Day, we had a very special tip for new lovebirds as well as for the long-time married.

Do you love a colleague? Then you’re guaranteed to enjoy our video with April Fools jokes in 2017!

Frozen pizzas, cat food and long-lasting sausage: we are so mistaken for the grocery store, we regularly publish the best requests at #NORMAambiguity.

There’s really nothing we wouldn’t do to entertain you. We make that apparent in our Star Wars video.

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