Alan Githens hat ein Tagespraktikum beim Team Group Communications der NORMA Group absolviert
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My Day as an Intern in Group Communications

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The day starts at 9 o’clock. Off to the communications department! What will I experience here all day long? I am very excited. Before, I had read the “Let's Connect” employee magazine and I really liked it.

There are focal points for internal and external communications – and experts on specific topics.

First of all, the welcome. Yes, everyone is very friendly here in the team. Then they directly have me get started with texts to see how well I can freely write or edit. I quickly learn that English is pretty critical to this job. Having so many international colleagues means a lot of English is spoken, which makes sense, of course.

Since the communications team is relatively small, everyone gets to work on every topic. But there are internal focal points for communications with employees and external ones with press and customers. And the team has experts on specific topics.

Internships at NORMA Group

You want to get a taste of one of the many departments within the company? Are you a student, university student or simply interested in developing yourself? You want to get started and work on your first, exciting projects?

Then send your application documents to us!

After that, I’m off to my first meeting with the corporate communications team. What they discuss goes right over my head. NORMA Group products will probably be delivered for an electric truck prototype. The team discusses the implications of it for the communications department. How and on which channels should this story be published? On the Intranet, in the employee newspaper, as a press release or on social media?

After an hour of this, my head is spinning. But then the journey continues. I’m taken from my desk and get a tour around the company. I am shown the training workshop where trainees are hard at work. Then we are off to quality management.

A look on the big picture

This process allowed me to better understand how the company is growing and developing with the help of all its employees. Even though I only saw a small part of NORMA Group in Maintal.

I really enjoyed my experience and can recommend anyone planning an internship like this in the future to do it at NORMA Group. I learned so much!

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