Karolina Olszanska with a clock made from NORMA Group products.
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Industrial Art made of Clamps

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Karolina Olszanska works on the shop floor at NORMA Group in the United Kingdom since 2010. She began as machine operator, but became a training officer and team leader during the last two years. She likes to work with people, to help them learn by sharing knowledge. In her spare time, she makes beautiful artworks like cosmetic mirrors, business card holders, clocks or even a whole chess game from clamps, clips and other NORMA Group products.

How do you come up with such unusual ideas?

I find inspiration everywhere. It just depends on how you look at things. My past studies at the University of Art and Design in Wrocław, Poland, are certainly helpful.

Karolina Olszanska with her clocks that she made from NORMA Group products.
Karolina Olszanska with her clocks that she made from NORMA Group products.

Which of your artworks is very dear to you?

A chess game made of NORMA Group products. I worked without any sketching. This is my favorite piece. The time-consuming chess game was a longtime colleague’s retirement gift two years ago.

So our colleagues inspire you over and over to new creations?

That’s right. A colleague’s 20th anniversary of service, prompted my latest collection in summer 2016. Nine wall clocks in retro style.

How did you produce the clocks?

I have individually refurbished the used clocks. Each piece needed its own decoration and a special frame. By the way, the frame is made entirely of NORMA Group clamps.

Do you tell us about your latest idea?

Currently, I am considering clothes made of NORMA Group products. I won’t run out of ideas, that’s for sure.

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