Nein, wir sind wirklich nicht der Lebensmittel Discounter
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No, We’re Really Not The Grocery Store!

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It’s not us. Really. Believe us. We would admit it if it were. Cross our heart, you have our word.

We do admit though, companies do all sorts of strange things these days. They make commercials about Christmas, about family, artificial intelligence and what our future might look like. Even though they actually just sell bread and apples. That can get pretty confusing, we totally get that. Especially when the apples turn to pears as soon as you want them.

So we’ll set the record straight for you again: we are not the grocery store. Despite the fact that the list below of recent inquiries and calls shows not all of you are completely convinced yet. But that’s no matter. Convincing you every day anew is just part of what service means to us.

“Do you have any shopping tips for saving money?”

“Is littering in your store a problem?”

“Can you tell us more about the robbery at your store?”

“What do you do to reduce food waste?”

“How late are your stores open on Christmas Eve?"

“How are you handling the blackmailing threat with regard to baby food?”

“Can we film your butter packets?”

“Is your supermarket prepared for a long-term power outage?”

“Can I test your wines and present them on my blog?”

“When will the renovation on your store be finished?”

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