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Flying high – when clamps take to the air

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Aviation has become an integral part of global transport and with only about 11% of the world population flying today there is sure to be increased demand on the horizon. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), overall traveler numbers are to reach 4.0 billion in 2024. Given the resulting millions of flight missions, aircraft need to be built for highest safety and reliance. With more than 25 years of experience in the aviation business, NORMA Group is proud to help aircraft throughout the globe to take to the air.

Francesco Muglia, National Sales Manager at NORMA Group in the United States, explains how we contribute to the aviation business and how we received the Supply Chain Performance Achievement certificate by Boeing in 2022.

Francesco, how is NORMA Group involved in the aviation business?

Among other things, our NORMA BREEZE clamps make sure that there is always fresh air on an airplane. In fact, about a hundred of our clamps are used to hold the air ducts of the aircraft’s HVAC systems in place – ensuring a clean and fresh BREEZE.

What makes our aviation-standard clamp so special?

Our NAS product is a highly crafted, ultra-light weight and passivated version of our traditional hose clamp. This product is used exclusively in the aerospace and broader aviation realm, due to its incredible strength to weight ratio – it is used in commercial aircraft, but also for example in helicopters.

You can imagine that the approximately 2.5 million parts on each airplane need to be as light and dependable as possible to support the millions of annual flight missions. With more than 20 years of experience in the aviation business, the NORMA BREEZE clamps feature special metallurgy, special bending, and special stretching to make them very thin, very narrow, very light, clean and ultra strong.

In short: They were specifically designed to stand up to the extreme environmental conditions on an airplane. And they get regularly and rigorously tested.

The NORMA BREEZE Aerospace clamp

Speaking of testing and regulations – are there special requirements we need to fulfill in the aviation business?

Yes, there are quite a couple. At our manufacturing site in Saltsburg, Pennsylvania, we have a dedicated metallurgy lab. Furthermore, to comply with the strict aviation regulations, we have severe testing protocols in place. Additionally, a non-biased government authority does an audit once a year, which we need to pass to maintain our status as aviation supplier. As thus, we fully comply with the AS9100 certification.

The manufacturing plant of NORMA Group in Saltsburg, PA

Can you name an aviation customer who uses our clamps?

Yes, the team is proud to be supplier to the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world, among them The Boeing Company. Besides newly built aircraft, there is also a considerable amount of our products used by distribution services like maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO) or original equipment support (OES) for airlines around the globe.

What’s even more impressive is that NORMA Breeze continues to prove themselves to be amongst the best of manufacturers in the industry. Once again, NORMA Group received a Supply Chain Performance Achievement certificate by Boeing in 2022, following the award for 2021. At the same time, NORMA Group was also maintaining its Boeing Premier Bidder Status – which opens up further business opportunities with Boeing.

The Boeing Company issues the Supply Chain Performance Achievement award annually to recognize top-performing suppliers who have demonstrated their ability to proactively manage supply chain quality, readiness, and health and deliver on Boeing’s commitment to advance global sustainability. This year, Boeing recognized 241 suppliers of a pool of more than 11,000 – and we were one of them.

Part of the team of NORMA Breeze at the NORMA Group manufacturing site in Saltsburg, PA.

Does the aviation business have impact on our business in other industries?

Yes, but perhaps not directly. When pitching our product solutions and designs for new applications I am never shy to mention our prowess in aviation component manufacturing. The Boeing Supplier Achievement Award paints a great picture of quality & performance for NORMA Group as a whole. If we can produce highly regulated aircraft solutions, we can also provide solutions for most any industry; clearly we are doing many things well!

Francesco Muglia is currently National Sales Manager in the Americas region. Over 12 years and 9 roles, he is proud of being part of NORMA Group.

About NORMA Group Pennsylvania

Location: Saltsburg, PA

Employees: ~ 225 people

Function: Breeze Hose clamps

Facilities: Bolt, screw & component manufacturing, metallurgical lab, assembly automation

Plant Manager: Andrew Wylie

Industry: All industries (only aerospace-certified facility of NORMA Group in the AMERICAS)

Top products: Powerseal 1/2 “ clamp, Aero Seal 9/16 “ clamp, CT compensating clamp

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