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15 Voices – 15 Countries: Remi Lecomte, France

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NORMA Group is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. The blog series 15 Voices – 15 Countries gives 15 colleagues from 15 countries an opportunity to report on their experiences at NORMA Group and tell us how NORMA Group has developed at their location.

Remi Lecomte is Maintenance Manager at NORMA Group’s Briey site in France.

How long have you been working at NORMA Group?

I have been working at NORMA Group for more than 39 years now. During this time, I was mainly responsible for the maintenance department. At various times, I also had the opportunity to work in the areas of security, industrialization and extrusion production.

What events at NORMA Group do you remember most?

After almost four decades with the company, there are many events I remember. For example, the steady expansion of our production capacities in the 1990s and the purchase of the company by Rasmussen GmbH 20 years ago. I also have fond memories of all my business trips. During my professional career at NORMA Group, I have always been motivated to share my knowledge and know-how with colleagues around the globe. For example, I had the opportunity to visit our plants in the Czech Republic and China and to exchange ideas with my colleagues there. These were always eventful, inspiring and motivating trips. I had a great time!

How has NORMA Group changed or developed since you started working here?

Over the past 39 years, I have been able to witness the expansion and optimization of departments, products and innovations, and also play an active role in shaping them. We can all be very proud of our achievements. Here at NORMA Group, we always have the opportunity to use our know-how and surpass ourselves. That is really exciting.

What do you wish for the future of NORMA Group?

All the best, of course – further developments, innovations and new acquisitions. Together with all our colleagues around the world, we can work to be leaders in all our business areas. I would like to see us improve our innovative solutions even further. I hope that in the future we will become market leaders in the areas of electromobility and renewable energies.

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