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NORMA Help Day 2022 – An international contribution for the community

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Every year, NORMA Group employees around the world volunteer for social and ecological projects in their neighbourhood as part of the NORMA Help Day. The heart of this day is the goal to strenghten the solidarity of the neighbourhood as well as to make a contribution to the community.

This year was my very first year in which I was able to not only participate in NORMA Help Day but also to organize and coordinate it worldwide.

Although the day started rainy the sun came out just in time for the beginning of NORMA Help Day. Together with six other volunteers, I made my way to the youth center in Maintal.

Participants at the NORMA Help Day 2022 in Maintal

After getting an overview of the youth center, our work as a team started. The goal of the day was to give a play container, tables and benches, and a shelter with a seating area a new look. For this we sanded, painted and oiled. About four hours later, we could proudly marvel at our result.

Employees carried out renovation work at the youth center in Maintal

All participants agreed on: it is good to also do something completely different from the usual office routine. Of course, it also gives each one a good feeling personally to see that one is doing something positive for the community. Another plus point of the Help Day was that I got to know colleagues with whom I have no contact in my day-to-day work and was able to exchange ideas with them.

An international contribution

It was not only at NORMA Group’s headquarter in Maintal that employees got engaged. A wide variety of social and ecological projects took place at NORMA Group’s numerous locations.

For example there were donation projects at some sites, like in Subotica, Serbia. As part of NORMA Help Day, the Serbian site donated 18 PCs to three different local elementary schools. At the American sites in Auburn Hills and Lake Orion, “Operation Backpack” took place and employees packed backpacks full of donated school materials for children.

NORMA Help Day 2022 in Serbia and the USA

At other locations, however, the focus was on manual work as in Maintal. In Anderstop in Sweden, participants renovated a miniature golf court, and in Hustopece in the Czech Republic, a tactile walkway was built for the local retirement home.

NORMA Help Day 2022 in Sweden and the Czech Republic 
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