Daniel Quesada, Graphic Designer at NORMA Group, in his Renault Dauphine
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“My Vintage Cars are Part of the Family”

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Daniel Quesada runs his hand affectionately over the paint job of an old Renault Dauphine. “Old cars smell completely different,” he says. “Like dust, oil and gasoline. They smell like history – and adventure. My vintage cars are part of the family.”

Daniel Quesada, Graphic Designer at NORMA Group, with his Renault Dauphine.

Daniel Quesada is graphic designer at NORMA Group in Barcelona. The 33-year-old grew up with old cars. They belonged to his father, along with over twenty other vintage automobiles. So it’s no surprise that the Spaniard has gasoline in his blood, so to speak.

“Anything to do with engines and cars makes me happy. I’ve raced a few times, but with real racing cars, of course, not with our old lovelies.”

Daniel Quesada, Graphic Designer at NORMA Group, with his Renault Dauphine at his garage.

Although the 1959 Renault is still completely roadworthy, it needs a lot of maintenance, just like the 1987 Jaguar Sovereign and the three motorcycles. The oldest is a 1956 Moto Guzzi. Spare parts are hard to come by, so repairs require some creativity — and a large group of friends with the same passion. The designer does have that group of friends, which is fortunate, because no matter how well maintained the Renault is, it still needs a push before it starts up.

And what does his partner have to say about all this? “She really wants to learn to ride the motorbike with the side-car, a 1966 Bultaco Mercurio.”

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