Yasin Polat
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“Intercultural cooperation allows you to expand your own horizons”

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In our Diversity@NORMA series, we highlight the diversity of employees who work at NORMA Group. In 2022, the series focuses on the diverse cultures of NORMA Group employees. Colleagues from different departments and different countries talk about their culture, how it influences their approach to work and how intercultural exchange takes place at NORMA Group.

Yasin Polat is a Financial Accountant at the NORMA Group site in Istanbul. In this interview, he talks about what makes Turkish culture special and the influence that cooperating with international colleagues has on his own working style.

Yasin, how long have you been working at NORMA Group?

I started working at NORMA Group about a year ago.

Were you born in Turkey?

Yes. I was born and raised there.

What is special about Turkish culture?

People in Turkey are very sincere and honest. We openly talk about problems and try to find solutions together. In doing so, we are always respectful – respect, especially in working life, is very important to us.

And how is that reflected in your daily work routine?

Appreciation for colleagues and the employer is our top priority in our everyday work. Commitment plays just as big a role as hard work and ambition does. We work with determination towards our goal and tackle all of the challenges that come our way together.

Do you feel that culture has a big impact on how you and your colleagues work?

Yes, absolutely.

In what way?

People who have grown up in similar cultures, and consequently with similar values and norms, often have a stronger understanding of one’s own problems. It is much easier for me to find common ground with colleagues from my own country.

But that’s exactly what makes working in an international company like NORMA Group so exciting – it’s all about getting to know new cultures, being able to find common ground with people, broadening your own horizons and changing your perspective in the process. This is the only way we can all develop together and achieve our goals. And that is precisely what unites all employees at NORMA Group: The ambition and the desire to successfully accomplish our projects.

What lessons have you already learned from working with your international colleagues?

I am in constant contact with colleagues all over the world. The differences in their way of thinking and the way they do their work often have added value for me. I find the various ways of structuring work processes particularly exciting – I’ve already managed to incorporate some valuable tips into my daily work.

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