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“Intercultural exchange is truly special – it gives us the feeling that our work is making a difference”

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In our Diversity@NORMA series, we highlight the diversity of employees who work at NORMA Group. In 2022, the series focuses on the diverse cultures of NORMA Group employees. Colleagues from different departments and different countries talk about their culture, how it influences their approach to work and how intercultural exchange takes place at NORMA Group.

Jonas Cesar is a Logistics Technician at the NORMA Group site in Atibaia, Brazil. In this interview, he talks about what makes Brazilian culture so special and his favorite intercultural experience at NORMA Group.

Jonas, how long have you been working at NORMA Group?

I have been working in logistics for more than three years now – in the Distribution department at NORMA Group to be precise.

Were you born in Brazil?

Yes, I was born and raised here.

What is special about Brazilian culture?

We distinguish ourselves with our warm-hearted nature and our hospitality. We are generally very cheerful and also like to party. What I like most is our cultural and ethnic diversity, especially when it comes to food and literature. There are many outstanding artists in Brazil.

What influence does Brazilian culture have on the way you and your colleagues go about your jobs?

I’m good at my job and very happy with my position and tasks; Brazilian culture is a big part of that: We are very ambitious and work hard to achieve our goals. Support from colleagues is vital in this regard. We focus on solidarity and teamwork – in Brazil, people are always ready to help each other. This kind of work environment keeps us motivated and gives us the certainty that we are working towards the same goals.

We are very adaptable and resilient by nature. These qualities, combined with our cultural open-mindedness, make us willing to help our colleagues and learn from them.

Would you say that there is an intercultural exchange at NORMA Group?

Yes, absolutely. I am currently working on the D365 project – the rollout of our global ERP system. My involvement in this project in particular gives me the opportunity to get in touch with employees from different NORMA Group sites around the world. Intercultural exchange is truly special – it gives us the feeling that our work is important and that we are making a difference.

What is the most positive experience you have had at NORMA Group in terms of intercultural cooperation?

I would say the cooperation during the D365 project. The problems that came with the process were challenging, but they made it possible for me to develop professionally and personally, because they allowed me to interact with colleagues around the world who I had not previously worked with.

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