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“People can only develop, allow their creativity to unfold and achieve their goals in an environment where they feel appreciated. Respect for people and the work they do is the deciding factor”

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In our Diversity@NORMA series, we present the diversity of employees who work for NORMA Group. In 2021, the focus of the series is on female employees at NORMA Group. Female staff members from various departments and countries talk about their professional and personal experiences and provide insights into their wishes for the future.

Tatjana Rumbauskiene is PDE Team Leader at the NORMA Group site in Newbury, UK. In this interview, she talks about professional challenges, her passion for her job and her wishes for the future.

What woman has had the greatest impact on you in your life? And why?

It’s difficult to name just one woman here. There have been so many fascinating and inspiring women. I just recently began looking closely at the life story of Marie Curie. She was an impressive and courageous woman. Not only was she an extraordinary scientist, but a mother and wife as well. She asserted herself at a time when women were not welcome in the professional world - especially in science - and overcame even the most daunting challenges. Such stories motivate and inspire me.

From my immediate family, my grandmother has had an especially strong influence on me. She is very resilient, always fair, friendly, curious and honest. These values have shaped my personality and have encouraged me to achieve my dreams and goals. Even at the age of 90, my grandmother still holds on to her title as the family crossword puzzle queen. She is our walking encyclopedia. She is always open to new things; she likes to Google, for example. I want to keep her kind of open mind and curiosity about the new and unknown for myself, too.

Do you have professional role models?

A professional role model is more than just someone you look up to and admire. It's a person who helps you achieve your full potential. I've been lucky enough to meet several such people over the course of my career. One of them is a colleague of mine from whom I learn every day. He treats all employees with the utmost respect and receives the same respect in return. People can only develop, allow their creativity to unfold and achieve their goals in an environment where they feel appreciated. Respect for people and the work they do is the deciding factor.

Why are you professionally where you are today? And what does your career mean to you?

I always knew I wanted to have a career, but I never had a set plan on how to get to where I am today. I think that, in general, we have to be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances. In addition to knowledge, expertise and experience, both individual effort and personal attitudes are very important to success achieving one's goals. I firmly believe that my personal ambitions, hard work and dedication have always played an important role in my professional journey.

I always put my job first because it gives me a sense of fulfillment. In my current role, I have the opportunity to work with colleagues throughout the world. Working in a development environment also gives me the opportunity to look into the future to a certain degree. It's very exciting and fulfilling.

What challenges have shaped your career? And what elements of society have changed?

Eleven years ago, my family and I decided to move to the United Kingdom from a small Baltic country. I had to adapt to the new conditions in a foreign country. There were also major professional changes, because before I worked in the civil engineering industry and now I had to adapt to the specifics of the automotive industry. Of course I miss my home country, but I'm still very happy that I made the decision to move all those years ago. The things I have experienced have had a huge impact on me and have given me the confidence to keep taking on new challenges.

When I graduated from university 18 years ago and started my career, the industry was dominated by men. To find a woman was rare. Today, this is no longer uncommon. Women are pursuing career goals and holding senior positions in companies. The industrial sector is becoming more and more "female" bit by bit. This boosts my self-confidence and gives me a sense of equality.

What do you wish for the future? And do you have any advice for all women?

I really wish we could find our way back to a certain degree of normality. I miss traveling. I would love to meet my colleagues from all over the world in person again and also to visit my family in my home country. I hope that this will be possible again soon.

My advice to all women is very simple: Always be open to new ideas and experiences and look for different ways to overcome challenges. Think outside the box.

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