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Marlin – The fastest fish in the world and NORMA Group’s latest compression fitting

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Sonia Palomeque is Marketing Manager DS EMEA at the NORMA Group site in Barcelona, Spain. In this article, she reports on a newly-developed water management product, the NORMA MARLIN.

When they hear the name Marlin, a lot of people will certainly think directly of the overprotective clownfish from the Disney movie “Finding Nemo”. And yes, a marlin is indeed a fish, more precisely the blue marlin, a predatory fish that inhabits the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific. The blue marlin is the fastest fish in the world and can reach speeds of up to 132 km/h. 

But what does this have to do with NORMA Group and our new water management product? Quite simply, we named our new NORMA MARLIN compression fitting after the fastest fish in the world. Because our new compression fitting can be installed incredibly fast, thanks to the newly developed QuickTight technology.

QuickTight Technology

Conventional compression fittings are equipped with an O-ring as a seal, which seals the connection between the compression ring and the tube. When the nut is tightened, the O-ring is compressed in a special chamber between the clamping ring and the tube. Significant force is required to tighten the nut against the resistance of the O-ring and the tube. Compression fittings that use QuickTight technology, on the other hand, have a profile seal with a lip, also known as a lip-gasket. This ensures that the connection between the tube and the compression ring is immediately tight when the tube is pushed in. Without the resistance of the seal, the nut can also be tightened quickly and easily.

We have used this technology in the design of the NORMA MARLIN. Our customers receive a compression fitting which, thanks to its strong seal, reduces leakage to a minimum and shortens the required installation time by roughly 50 percent.

Drinking Water Certificate

But speed and sealing are not the only advantages of NORMA MARLIN. The compression fitting meets the strict EU requirements for drinking water applications and can therefore be used in all irrigation applications, in drinking water installations including industrial and sanitary applications. In the European Union, most member states have very stringent requirements for products that are used in drinking water systems. In some countries, for example, agricultural irrigation systems must be equipped only with drinking water-certified products. The reason for this is that the agricultural products are intended for human consumption.

“We have invested in NORMA MARLIN with drinking water certification because it is in line with our strategic objectives in the irrigation sector”, said Steffanie Rohr, Director Marketing DS EMEA. “A key action that allows us to position the product as the flagship of the compression fittings family to reinforce our leadership as a manufacturer and supplier in the area of irrigation joining solutions.”

With NORMA MARLIN, we are responding to customer requests for a product solution that can be used in all water applications. In addition, with NORMA MARLIN we are opening up new markets, especially in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We are therefore very pleased to be able to offer this great product to our existing and also new customers, and to help them use the precious resource of water sparingly.

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