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My internship in the Communications Department of NORMA Group in Maintal

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In our NORMAPeople series, our employees from around the world report on their daily work, how they joined the company and what they appreciate about their work.

My name is Zoé Pellissier and I am 21 years old, I come from Sweden, but have French origins. I am doing an internship at NORMA Group in Maintal this summer. The first morning I walked through the door of the headquarters, I was both nervous and excited: A new job and new colleagues in a foreign country with a foreign language.

Got to know the company and work in a team right from the start

I soon realized that my fear was unfounded. My colleagues from the Group Communications department welcomed me warmly and introduced me to the team, the department and the company. Right at the beginning of my internship, I read the Annual Report and the Corporate Responsibility Report and learned about NORMA Group’s key figures, business model, strategy and objectives.
I learned more than I could have imagined during my first month at NORMA Group.

“I gained a comprehensive insight into the tasks of the Group Communications team and was involved in the daily work right from the start.”

Even though each person has his or her own field of responsibility, it is important to discuss topics and projects with each other and give feedback. We regularly have team meetings to discuss current topics and plan new projects based on our communication strategy.


Preparing texts for publication takes more work than I first thought. From the development of the first idea, the research up to the publication of the text. In my first week of work, I already got my own small project, which was about research for our social media activities. Afterwards I presented my results to my colleagues. I also got the opportunity to write several articles for the intranet and to participate in a meeting with the press as well as several company meetings.

I am interested in sustainability and diversity, which is why I am happy to work for a company that lives diversity and whose products contribute to a sustainable society. It should be a matter of course for every company to promote the qualifications and diversity of its employees and to pay attention to the health of each individual. A few weeks ago, NORMA Group held a Diversity Day and a Health Day in Maintal. I not only attended it, but was also actively involved in it.

The newly created Rooftop Garden with an irrigation system from NORMA Group was one of my topics for an intranet article.
The newly created Rooftop Garden with an irrigation system from NORMA Group was one of my topics for an intranet article.

Why did I decide to do an internship in Germany?

I grew up in a multicultural family and therefore developed an interest in languages at an early age. I started learning German when I went to school in Sweden. After my high school graduation, I wanted to improve my German language skills. So, I took a German course in Cologne for several months and decided to do an internship in Germany. German is an important European language, and learning it among native speakers means you make rapid progress.

Learning a language and getting to know a culture is a great experience from which I can benefit all my life. Now, a few weeks after arriving in Maintal, I notice that I really have improved my German skills. I thank my colleagues who supported me with so much patience. My best tip for interns is to ask a lot of questions, no matter what kind.


“I think it is great that I can spend my summer at NORMA Group, under the motto ‘Learning by doing.’”

At the office, I learn new things and get inspiration for the future each day. Working abroad in a global company not only means facing new challenges, it is also a great opportunity to develop yourself.

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